100+ Most Popular Indonesian Names for Boys

Choosing a name for your child is a meaningful decision, especially in Indonesia, where names carry deep cultural significance. This article presents the most popular Indonesian names for boys, highlighting their origins and meanings. Whether you seek a traditional or modern name, this list of 100+ names will inspire you.

100+ Most Popular Indonesian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Aditya Sun
2 Agung Great
3 Ahmad Praiseworthy, commendable
4 Arief Wise
5 Bayu Wind
6 Darma Virtue, righteousness
7 Dwi Two, second
8 Eko First child
9 Fajar Dawn
10 Farhan Joy, happiness
11 Galang Respectful
12 Hadi Guide, leader
13 Hendra Powerful warrior
14 Ilham Inspiration, revelation
15 Iman Faith
16 Joko Given name
17 Krisna Black, dark
18 Lukman Prophet
19 Maulana Our master
20 Nugroho Power, strength
21 Prabowo Hero
22 Putra Son
23 Rahmat Mercy, grace
24 Rizky Blessing
25 Satria Knight, warrior
26 Surya Sun
27 Taufik Success
28 Wahyu Revelation, divine message
29 Wira Hero, brave
30 Yoga Discipline, spiritual path
31 Yosef God will add (Biblical)
32 Yuda Warrior, hero
33 Zain Beauty, adornment
34 Abdul Servant of
35 Arif Wise, knowledgeable
36 Bagas Young, strong
37 Bima Hero
38 Cahya Light, radiance
39 Dedi Devoted, sacrificial
40 Edi Prosperous, wealth
41 Firman Command, decree
42 Guntur Thunder
43 Hanif True believer
44 Indra God of thunder and rain
45 Jaya Victory
46 Kurnia Gift, grace
47 Lutfi Gentle, kind
48 Musa Moses (Biblical)
49 Novan New
50 Rama Pleasing
51 Reza Content, satisfied
52 Rudi Famous wolf
53 Samsul Sun of
54 Teguh Strong, firm
55 Umar Life, long-lived
56 Viktor Conqueror
57 Wisnu Lord Vishnu
58 Xavier Bright, splendid
59 Yasin Obedient (Islamic)
60 Zainal Light, brilliance
61 Adnan Settler, resident
62 Bachtiar Bringer of good news
63 Candra Moon
64 Daffa Spotless, pure
65 Eka First, one
66 Fadil Virtuous, excellent
67 Gatot Iron wall
68 Haris Vigilant, guardian
69 Irfan Knowledgeable, wise
70 Jabir Comforter
71 Kamil Perfect, complete
72 Lingga Phallus symbol
73 Malik King
74 Nizar Rare, unique
75 Oscar Spear of the gods
76 Pandu Guide
77 Qadar Destiny, fate
78 Rifqi Gentle, kind
79 Saiful Sword of
80 Tito Giant, honorable
81 Vino Wine
82 Wibowo Sky, heaven
83 Yahya God is gracious
84 Zacky Pure, righteous
85 Aksa Chief, great
86 Bagus Handsome, excellent
87 Cakra Wheel, disc
88 Diva Shining, divine
89 Ello Light, torch
90 Farel Handsome, attractive
91 Gilang Brave, heroic
92 Hafiz Protector, guardian
93 Ibnu Son of
94 Jibril Archangel Gabriel
95 Kresna Krishna
96 Lukas From Lucania (Italy)
97 Miko New moon
98 Nasrullah Victory of Allah
99 Omar Long-lived, eloquent
100 Pratama First, foremost
101 Qori Reader of Quran
102 Rizqi Sustenance, blessing
103 Sakti Powerful, magical
104 Tirta Holy water, sacred spring
105 Usman Baby snake
106 Vito Life
107 Wafi Loyal, faithful
108 Yusuf God will add (Biblical)
109 Zidan Increase, growth
110 Ananta Endless, infinite
111 Budi Reason, mind, thought
112 Cahyo Bright, light
113 Dian Divine, heavenly
114 Edwin Prosperous friend
115 Faisal Judge, arbiter
116 Ganesha Lord of the multitudes
117 Hussein Handsome, beautiful
118 Ismail God will hear (Biblical)
119 Jamil Beautiful, handsome

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your son is a deeply personal and significant decision. The most popular Indonesian names for boys reflect a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, meaningful traditions, and modern influences. By exploring these names, you can find one that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations. Whether you choose a name that honors your roots or one that stands out with its unique charm, this list offers a wealth of options to inspire and guide you in making a meaningful choice for your child’s future.

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