70+ Most Popular Georgian Names for Girls

Step into the world of Georgian culture with a glimpse into the most popular names for girls. Each name holds a story, reflecting tradition and meaning in Georgia. Explore over 70 cherished names in this guide.

70+ Most Popular Georgian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Ana Grace
2 Nino Grace
3 Mariam Bitterness of sea
4 Salome Peace
5 Nana Grace
6 Tamar Palm tree
7 Keti Pure
8 Natia Hope
9 Lela Dark-haired
10 Tamari Plough
11 Elene Torch
12 Lika Sweet
13 Maia Mother
14 Sofi Wisdom
15 Eka Life
16 Nia Radiant
17 Tea Gift of God
18 Luka Bringer of light
19 Ani Answered prayer
20 Mari Wished-for child
21 Ketevan Pure
22 Maka Gift of God
23 Nini Grace
24 Manana Resurrection
25 Tsisana Flower
26 Darejan Precious
27 Gvantsa Glory
28 Eliso Consecrated to God
29 Shorena Light
30 Niniko Grace
31 Dali Flower
32 Nato Gift of God
33 Tiko Goddess
34 Nanuka Grace
35 Lia Weary
36 Natela Hope
37 Elza God is my oath
38 Nunu Light
39 Marika Bitterness of sea
40 Dina Avenged
41 Nutsa Light
42 Zura God is my light
43 Rusudan Rose
44 Eteri Star
45 Tika Flower
46 Nata Born on Christmas
47 Taso Harvester
48 Lali Beautiful woman
49 Nani Grace
50 Tinatin Fiery
51 Lado Loyal
52 Teona God is gracious
53 Ketino Pure
54 Kato Pure
55 Levan Lion
56 Ia Violet
57 Bela White
58 Lile Pure
59 Mako Bitter
60 Saba Morning
61 Tako Beautiful
62 Tamta Torch
63 Nona Ninth
64 Mzia Sun
65 Tsovinar Water fairy
66 Tsira Queen
67 Ninia Grace
68 Tsitsino Light
69 Medea Cunning
70 Manuki My soul
71 Teia Princess
72 Tekle Petal
73 Sopio Wisdom
74 Tsiala Brightness

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In conclusion,

The array of popular Georgian names for girls not only reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage but also embodies the values and traditions cherished by its people. Each name carries with it a sense of identity and history, making it a meaningful choice for parents seeking to honor their Georgian roots or simply captivated by the beauty of Georgian culture. Whether you’re naming a newborn or fascinated by the diversity of Georgian names, this compilation serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Georgian femininity.

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