60+ Most Popular Georgian Names for Boys

Choosing a name for a newborn is a meaningful tradition in Georgia, reflecting the country’s rich culture and history. This article highlights over 60 of the most popular Georgian names for boys, offering insights into their origins and meanings. Whether you’re naming your child or exploring Georgian heritage, this guide provides a fascinating look at these cherished names.

60+ Most Popular Georgian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Giorgi Farmer
2 Davit Beloved
3 Luka Light
4 Irakli Hero
5 Nikoloz Victory of the people
6 Levan Lion
7 Tornike Light
8 Zurab Strong
9 Kakha Lord
10 Vakhtang Wolf
11 Givi Godly
12 Revaz Wanderer
13 Malkhaz Sun
14 Mamuka God’s little gift
15 Shalva Peaceful
16 Archil Lion
17 Giuli Sun
18 Merab Increase
19 Mikheil Who is like God?
20 Zaza Gold
21 Akaki Worthy
22 Temur Iron
23 Gocha Farmer
24 Nika Victory
25 Ilia God is my salvation
26 Bidzina God-given
27 Badri Full of sweetness
28 Kote Brave
29 Sandro Defender of man
30 Erekle Peace
31 Zviad Gentle
32 Tariel Heaven’s dew
33 Otar Brave warrior
34 Demetre Earth-lover
35 Saba Morning
36 Daviti Beloved
37 Vano God’s gift
38 Gaga Foreigner
39 Vato Lord
40 Rati Savior
41 Tengiz Dawn
42 Dato Gift
43 Shota Arrow
44 Ioseb God will multiply
45 Gia Farmer
46 Bachana Morning
47 Beka Sun
48 Grigol Watchful
49 Nodar Hope
50 Paata Rock
51 Mamia Sweet
52 Lasha God’s gift
53 Koba Cup
54 Soso Wisdom
55 Zura God is my light
56 Koka Voice
57 Giga Large
58 Gio Farmer
59 Temo The one who fears
60 Vakho Wolf
61 Bacho Morning

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In conclusion,

Georgian names for boys are not just labels but a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Each name carries a story, reflecting the values and history of Georgia. Whether you are choosing a name for your child or exploring the beauty of Georgian culture, these popular names offer a meaningful connection to the past and a legacy for the future. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration.

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