100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a meaningful task that reflects cultural and personal values. Filipino names for girls often embody beauty and tradition. In this article, we present over 100 popular Filipino names for girls, offering a mix of classic and modern options to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Maria Variant of Mary, meaning “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”
2 Angel Messenger of God
3 Sofia Wisdom
4 Andrea Manly, brave
5 Nicole Victory of the people
6 Ella Short form of Eleanor, meaning “light”
7 Julia Youthful
8 Camille Unblemished character
9 Gabriela God is my strength
10 Isabella Devoted to God
11 Sophia Wisdom
12 Bianca White, shining
13 Angela Messenger of God
14 Jasmine Flower name
15 Sarah Princess
16 Chloe Blooming
17 Patricia Noble, patrician
18 Hannah Favor, grace
19 Alexa Defender of mankind
20 Veronica True image
21 Alyssa Noble
22 Denise Follower of Dionysius
23 Francine Free man
24 Kathleen Pure
25 Elizabeth God is my oath
26 Vanessa Butterfly
27 Diana Divine
28 Karen Pure
29 Michelle Who is like God?
30 Joyce Rejoice
31 Giselle Pledge, hostage
32 Abigail Father’s joy
33 Janine God is gracious
34 Danielle God is my judge
35 Beatrice Voyager, traveler
36 Grace Grace
37 Stephanie Crown, garland
38 Alexandra Defender of the people
39 Megan Pearl
40 Angelica Angelic
41 Jennifer Fair one
42 Kimberly Royal fortress
43 Marianne Bitter grace
44 Marisol Sea and sun
45 Roselyn Beautiful rose
46 Leila Dark beauty
47 Lorraine From the place of Lorraine
48 Maria Clara Variant of Mary, meaning “sea of bitterness” combined with “bright”
49 Sabrina From the river Severn
50 Ysabel God’s promise
51 Celeste Heavenly
52 Eliza God is my oath
53 Fiona White, fair
54 Geraldine Ruler with spear
55 Hazel The hazel tree
56 Ivana God is gracious
57 Janelle God is gracious
58 Kiara Dark
59 Louisa Renowned warrior
60 Marcella Little warrior
61 Nadine Hope
62 Olivia Olive tree
63 Penelope Weaver
64 Quinn Wise
65 Rachel Ewe, female sheep
66 Selena Moon
67 Theresa Harvester
68 Ursula Little bear
69 Victoria Victory
70 Winona Firstborn daughter
71 Xandra Defender of the people
72 Yvette Yew, archer’s bow
73 Zara Princess
74 Alessandra Defender of mankind
75 Belinda Pretty, very beautiful
76 Clarissa Bright, clear
77 Daphne Laurel tree
78 Evangeline Good news
79 Felicity Happiness
80 Georgina Farmer
81 Helena Bright, shining light
82 Imelda Powerful fighter
83 Jessamine Jasmine flower
84 Katrina Pure
85 Luciana Light
86 Melody Song
87 Natasha Born on Christmas day
88 Ophelia Help
89 Primrose First rose
90 Quintessa Fifth-born
91 Roxanne Dawn
92 Serena Tranquil
93 Tatiana Fairy queen
94 Valencia Brave, strong
95 Waverly Quaking aspen tree
96 Xyla Woodland
97 Yasmin Jasmine flower
98 Zephyra West wind
99 Aria Melody, air
100 Bella Beautiful
101 Cassandra Prophetess
102 Dahlia Valley
103 Elise God is my oath
104 Francia From France
105 Gwendolyn Fair, blessed
106 Ingrid Ing’s beauty
107 Jessa Wealthy
108 Liana Youthful
109 Mariana Star of the sea
110 Natalia Christmas day
111 Odette Wealthy
112 Pauline Small
113 Quinley Queen
114 Rhiannon Great queen
115 Simone He who hears
116 Tala Star
117 Verity Truth
118 Whitney White island
119 Xena Hospitable
120 Yara Water lady
121 Zariah Princess
122 Adele Noble
123 Brielle God is my strength
124 Cleo Glory
125 Delilah Delicate, weak
126 Eileen Bright, shining light
127 Freya Lady, noblewoman
128 Genevieve Woman of the race
129 Harper Harp player
130 Isla Island
131 Kiana Divine
132 Luna Moon
133 Mabel Lovable
134 Noelle Christmas
135 Odessa Wrathful
136 Poppy Red flower
137 Rowan Little red-haired one
138 Savannah Treeless plain
139 Talia Gentle dew from heaven
140 Unity Oneness
141 Vienna White, fair
142 Willow Slender, graceful
143 Xiomara Ready for battle
144 Yasmine Jasmine flower
145 Zola Earth

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby girl is a special journey that connects you to your cultural heritage. The names highlighted in this article showcase the beauty and diversity of Filipino traditions, offering a variety of choices from timeless classics to modern favorites. We hope this list has inspired you and helped you find a name that resonates with your family’s values and dreams. May your chosen name bring joy, pride, and a sense of identity to your little one as she grows.

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