100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Boys

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a significant task, reflecting cultural and personal values. Filipino names often carry rich heritage and diverse influences. In this article, we present over 100 popular Filipino names for boys, offering a blend of traditional and contemporary options to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Jose God will increase
2 Juan God is gracious
3 Luis Famous warrior
4 Gabriel God is my strength
5 Michael Who is like God?
6 Carlo Strong, manly
7 Mark Warlike, dedicated to Mars
8 Christian Follower of Christ
9 Daniel God is my judge
10 James Supplanter, one who follows
11 Joseph God will increase
12 Miguel Who is like God?
13 Antonio Highly praiseworthy
14 Roberto Bright fame
15 Rafael God has healed
16 Benjamin Son of the right hand
17 Alexander Defender of the people
18 John God is gracious
19 Ryan Little king
20 Christopher Christ-bearer
21 David Beloved
22 Adrian From Hadria (place name)
23 Paolo Small, humble
24 Enrico Ruler of the home
25 Lorenzo Laurel wreath
26 Emmanuel God is with us
27 Felix Happy, fortunate
28 Isaiah Salvation of the Lord
29 Joshua The Lord is my salvation
30 Leonardo Brave lion
31 Manuel God is with us
32 Oscar Spear of the gods
33 Patrick Nobleman
34 Ramon Wise protector
35 Samuel Heard by God
36 Timothy Honoring God
37 Victor Conqueror
38 Xavier Bright, splendid
39 Zachary Remembered by God
40 Andres Brave, manly
41 Diego Supplanter
42 Francisco Free man
43 Harold Army ruler
44 Ignacio Fiery
45 Jaime Supplanter
46 Kenneth Handsome
47 Lawrence From Laurentum (city in ancient Rome)
48 Martin Warlike
49 Nelson Son of Neil (champion)
50 Orlando Famous land
51 Peter Rock
52 Quincy Estate of the fifth son
53 Ricardo Powerful leader
54 Simon He has heard
55 Tobias God is good
56 Ulises Wrathful
57 Vincent Conquering
58 Wilfred Desiring peace
59 Ysmael God hears
60 Zaldy Power of God
61 Abner Father of light
62 Bonifacio Benefactor, doer of good
63 Cesar Hairy
64 Delfin Dolphin
65 Eusebio Pious, devout
66 Florante Flourishing
67 Gavino From Gabium (ancient city in Italy)
68 Hilario Cheerful, merry
69 Isagani Character in Filipino literature
70 Jacinto Hyacinth flower
71 Kalani The heavens
72 Lando Famous land
73 Macario Blessed
74 Narciso Sleep, numbness
75 Octavio Eighth
76 Paquito Free man
77 Quirino Spear, lance
78 Romeo Pilgrim to Rome
79 Sotero Savior
80 Tadeo Heart, courageous
81 Urbano Urban, city dweller
82 Vito Life, alive
83 Wenceslao Greater glory
84 Xander Defender of the people
85 Yago Supplanter
86 Zander Defender of the people
87 Alonzo Eager for battle
88 Benito Blessed
89 Celestino Heavenly
90 Domingo Of the Lord
91 Emiliano Rival, laborious
92 Fausto Fortunate
93 Gonzalo Wolf battle
94 Hermenegildo Army, fight
95 Inocencio Innocent
96 Juanito God is gracious
97 Leandro Lion, brave
98 Maximiano Greatest
99 Nicanor Conqueror
100 Onofre Defender
101 Primitivo First, primitive
102 Quirico Spear, lance
103 Rodolfo Famous wolf
104 Severino Stern, severe
105 Teofilo Friend of God
106 Ubaldo Bold, brave
107 Valentin Healthy, strong
108 Walfredo Ruler, peace
109 Xisto Polished, refined
110 Ysidro Gift of God
111 Zacarias God has remembered
112 Adolfo Noble, majestic
113 Bartolome Son of Tolmai (furrow)
114 Cirilo Lordly, masterful
115 Damaso To tame, subdue
116 Eleuterio Freedom, liberator
117 Federico Peaceful ruler
118 Galo Rooster
119 Hermilo Crowd, throng
120 Isidro Gift of God
121 Juancho God is gracious
122 Leoncio Lion-like
123 Nazario From Nazareth
124 Osmundo Divine protection
125 Pancracio All-powerful
126 Quinio Fifth
127 Renato Rebirth
128 Silvino Wood, forest
129 Telesforo Bearer of fruit
130 Vitaliano Life, vitality

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a meaningful journey that connects you to your heritage and the broader Filipino culture. The names highlighted in this article showcase the beauty and diversity of Filipino traditions, offering a range of choices from timeless classics to modern favorites. We hope this list has inspired you and helped you find a name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations. May your chosen name bring joy, pride, and a sense of identity to your little one as they grow.

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