100+ Most Popular Estonian Names for Girls

Estonian names for girls are a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity. Rooted in ancient traditions yet influenced by modern trends, Estonian names offer a captivating blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Estonian names for girls, delving into their meanings, origins, and cultural significance. Whether you’re seeking a name that honors Estonian traditions, embodies your personal style, or reflects your hopes and dreams for your daughter, this comprehensive list is sure to inspire your naming journey.

100+ Most Popular Estonian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Anna Grace
2 Laura Laurel tree
3 Sofia Wisdom
4 Maria Bitter, sea of bitterness
5 Mia Beloved
6 Emma Whole, universal
7 Liisa God is my oath
8 Kristiina Follower of Christ
9 Sandra Protector of humanity
10 Kati Pure
11 Merily Sea, bright
12 Helena Torch, light
13 Kadri Pure
14 Triin Pure
15 Kairi Pure
16 Eleri Torch, light
17 Liis God is my oath
18 Maris Of the sea
19 Anu Grace
20 Siiri Victory
21 Sirli Light
22 Marleen Bitter, sea of bitterness
23 Liina Flaxen-haired
24 Kärt Pure
25 Diana Divine, heavenly
26 Sigrid Victory, beautiful
27 Katrin Pure
28 Liisi God is my oath
29 Maret Pearl
30 Mirjam Sea of bitterness
31 Heleri Torch, light
32 Kerli Pure
33 Reelika Pure
34 Maarja Bitter, sea of bitterness
35 Grete Pearl
36 Evelin Uncertain, maybe
37 Karin Pure
38 Mirell Admirable, wonderful
39 Kelli Warrior
40 Hanna Grace
41 Maarika Bitter, sea of bitterness
42 Triinu Pure
43 Eeva Life
44 Kädi Pure
45 Teele Battle
46 Lisette God is my oath
47 Elina Torch, light
48 Anneli Graceful
49 Piret Rock
50 Marit Pearl
51 Eveli Uncertain, maybe
52 Kairit Pure
53 Ave Bird
54 Jaanika God is gracious
55 Lenna Torch, light
56 Kaisa Pure
57 Eliise God is my oath
58 Airi Pearl
59 Maiken Sea of bitterness
60 Helina Torch, light
61 Birgit Exalted one
62 Ragne Decision, counsel
63 Eleriin Torch, light
64 Mai Month of May
65 Greete Pearl
66 Ene Virgin, pure
67 Leena Light
68 Epp Bee
69 Helin Torch, light
70 Mairi Sea of bitterness
71 Eneli Torch, light
72 Eliina Torch, light
73 Els God is my oath
74 Silja Blind, sweet
75 Jaana God is gracious
76 Kätlin Pure
77 Inga Protected, guarded
78 Mirtel Pearl
79 Triinika Pure
80 Kulla Gold
81 Anette Gracious, merciful
82 Liisu God is my oath
83 Hele Happy
84 Helle Light
85 Anni Grace
86 Eliisabet God is my oath
87 Ingrid Beautiful, fair
88 Mallu Little Mary
89 Erna Earnest
90 Hedi Strife
91 Kätriin Pure
92 Mariann Sea of bitterness
93 Kertu Beloved
94 Liivia Life
95 Leelo Song
96 Ave-Liis Bird
97 Eda Wealthy
98 Maili Beloved
99 Mariliis Bitter, sea of bitterness
100 Helmi Pearl
101 Ilona Light
102 Marelle Bitter, sea of bitterness
103 Lisanna God is my oath
104 Riin Pure
105 Karoliina Free woman
106 Kersti Christian, follower of Christ
107 Maila Beloved
108 Anete Grace
109 Reili Advised ruler
110 Inna Strong water, spring
111 Keit Warrior
112 Kaidi Pure
113 Katri Pure
114 Maie Bitter, sea of bitterness

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In conslution,

In conclusion, Estonian names for girls offer a beautiful reflection of the country’s cultural richness and linguistic diversity. From classic names steeped in tradition to modern choices inspired by contemporary influences, the names on this list represent a wide spectrum of styles and meanings. Whether parents are drawn to names that celebrate Estonian heritage, resonate with personal significance, or simply sound beautiful, the popularity of these names underscores their timeless appeal. As parents embark on the journey of choosing the perfect name for their daughter, they are empowered to select a name that encapsulates their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for her future. With this collection of popular Estonian names for girls, parents have a wealth of options to choose from, ensuring that their daughter’s name is not only distinctive but also meaningful for years to come.

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