100+ Most Popular Estonian Names for Boys

Estonian names for boys reflect the rich cultural heritage and unique linguistic traditions of Estonia. From timeless classics to modern innovations, Estonian parents have a wide array of names to choose from when naming their sons. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Estonian names for boys, offering insights into their meanings, origins, and cultural significance. Whether you’re seeking traditional Estonian names or contemporary favorites, this list is sure to inspire anyone in search of the perfect name for their little boy.

100+ Most Popular Estonian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Markus From Mars
2 Martin Warlike
3 Kristjan Follower of Christ
4 Oliver Olive tree
5 Rasmus Beloved, dear
6 Karl Free man
7 Mattias Gift of God
8 Robert Bright fame
9 Henri Ruler of the household
10 Erik Eternal ruler
11 Sander Defender of men
12 Kevin Handsome
13 Johannes God is gracious
14 Siim God will listen
15 Artur Noble, courageous
16 Tõnis Priceless, inestimable
17 Lauri Laurel tree
18 Kaarel Free man
19 Andrus Man, warrior
20 Toomas Twin
21 Margus Pearl
22 Priit Noble, honorable
23 Taavi Beloved
24 Mihkel Who is like God?
25 Hendrik Ruler of the estate
26 Rain Advice, decision
27 Joosep God shall add
28 Kaur Blackbird
29 Jüri Earth worker
30 Reimo Wise protector
31 Raido Ray, beam of light
32 Roland Famous land
33 Heiki Home ruler
34 Meelis Dear, beloved
35 Karel Free man
36 Veiko Ardent defender
37 Ragnar Advice, decision
38 Madis Gift of God
39 Alar Elf army
40 Ago Noble spear
41 Mart Warlike
42 Tarmo Energetic
43 Aivar Ever-ruler
44 Rein Pure
45 Tarvo Of Taurus
46 Lembit Beloved friend
47 Priidik Noble, honorable
48 Oskar God’s spear
49 Andres Manly, virile
50 Kaido Rejoicing
51 Urmas Guard
52 Sven Young man
53 Joonas God is gracious
54 Raul Wise wolf
55 Alo To be alone
56 Enar Vigilant, watchful
57 Ott Wealth, fortune
58 Erki Ever-ruler
59 Egert Edge of a sword
60 Arvo Worth, value
61 Jaan God is gracious
62 Andero Manly, virile
63 Ahto Joyous
64 Endrik Home ruler
65 Vahur Sturdy, robust
66 Marek Warlike
67 Tanel God is my judge
68 Aron Mountain of strength
69 Kalju Rock
70 Peeter Rock
71 Kunnar Kin, family
72 Viljar Will, desire
73 Ants Priceless, inestimable
74 Eerik Eternal ruler
75 Risto Christ-bearer
76 Janek God is gracious
77 Karmo Fate, destiny
78 Sulev Bright, shining
79 Kalev Dog, brave
80 Argo Alert, vigilant
81 Urmo Guard
82 Tarvi Of Taurus
83 Anti Priceless, inestimable
84 Raivo Advice, decision
85 Marten Warlike
86 Jaanus God is gracious
87 Aivo Ever-ruler
88 Allar Noble, honorable
89 Arvi Friend of the people
90 Endel Home ruler
91 Erkki Ever-ruler
92 Fred Peaceful ruler
93 Hardi Brave, hardy
94 Ivo Yew tree
95 Janno God is gracious
96 Jarmo Protection, guardian
97 Joonatan God is gracious
98 Jürgen Farmer, earth worker
99 Kadri Pure
100 Kaspar Treasurer
101 Kermo Guard
102 Kullar To stand, to be steadfast
103 Maanus God is gracious
104 Marko Warlike
105 Mikk Who is like God?
106 Priidu Noble, honorable
107 Rando Advice, decision

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In conslution,

In conclusion, Estonian names for boys encompass a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and linguistic diversity. From timeless classics rooted in ancient traditions to modern innovations inspired by contemporary influences, the names on this list showcase the depth and breadth of Estonian naming conventions. Whether parents seek names that honor their cultural heritage, reflect their personal tastes, or simply resonate with their aspirations for their sons, the popularity of these names underscores their enduring appeal. Ultimately, the choice of a name is deeply personal and significant, serving as a lifelong identifier and a reflection of identity. With this collection of popular Estonian names for boys, parents are empowered to choose a name that resonates with meaning, symbolism, and cultural significance, ensuring that their son’s name is both distinctive and meaningful.

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