100+ Most Popular El Salvadorian Girl Names

Embark on a journey through the cultural heritage of El Salvador as we delve into the realm of the most popular girl names in this vibrant Central American nation. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, each name we encounter tells a story of tradition, identity, and pride. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of Salvadorian culture through the lens of its beloved girl names.

100+ Most Popular El Salvadorian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 María Beloved, wished-for child
2 Ana Grace, favor
3 Karla Free man, strong
4 Gabriela God is my strength
5 Jessica God beholds
6 Sofia Wisdom
7 Andrea Brave, strong
8 Alejandra Defender of mankind
9 Claudia Lame, disabled
10 Vanessa Butterfly
11 Daniela God is my judge
12 Evelyn Desired, wished for
13 Laura Laurel, bay tree
14 Brenda Sword
15 Elizabeth God is my oath
16 Natalia Christmas Day
17 Verónica True image
18 Patricia Noble, patrician
19 Michelle Who is like God?
20 Pamela All honey
21 Adriana Dark one
22 Estefanía Crowned
23 Mayra Bitter
24 Kimberly From the royal fortress
25 Sharon A plain, a flat area
26 Diana Divine, heavenly
27 Yessenia Jasmine
28 Paola Small
29 Marisol Sea and sun
30 Fernanda Brave traveler
31 Susana Lily
32 Ana María Grace, favor
33 Lorena Laurel, bay tree
34 Carolina Free man, strong
35 Roxana Dawn
36 Ivonne Yew, archer
37 Karina Pure
38 Liliana Lily
39 Tatiana Fairy queen
40 Wendy Friend, beloved
41 Yesenia Flower
42 Samantha Listener
43 Miriam Rebellious, bitter
44 Rosa Rose
45 Jacqueline Supplanter
46 Melissa Honeybee
47 Alma Soul, spirit
48 Ingrid Beautiful
49 Jennifer Fair one, white wave
50 Maritza Of the sea
51 Adrianna Dark one
52 Valeria Strong, healthy
53 Jocelyn Joyous
54 Camila Attendant, servant
55 Giselle Pledge, hostage
56 Karen Pure
57 Adrienne Dark one
58 Daniella God is my judge
59 Isabella God is my oath
60 Stefany Crowned
61 Analía Grace, favor
62 Fabiola Bean grower
63 Estela Star
64 Xiomara Ready for battle
65 Leticia Joy
66 Sonia Wise
67 Mirna Beloved
68 Marlene Bitter
69 Zulma Peace
70 Ximena Listener
71 Raquel Innocent, lamb
72 Nidia Nest
73 Maribel Beautiful, wonderful
74 Adela Noble, serene
75 Cynthia Moon goddess
76 Glenda Holy, good
77 Violeta Violet
78 Lucía Light
79 Estrella Star
80 Damaris Calf, gentle
81 Sandra Defender of men
82 Yolanda Violet flower
83 Gabriella God is my strength
84 Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes
85 Mariana Bitter, grace
86 Paloma Dove
87 Itzel Rainbow
88 Sindy Industrious
89 Esmeralda Emerald
90 Anabel Gracious, beautiful
91 Estefany Crowned
92 Daphne Laurel, bay tree
93 Clarissa Bright, clear
94 Rosalinda Beautiful rose
95 Elisa God is my oath
96 Julieta Youthful, downy
97 Angelica Angelic, messenger
98 Beatriz Voyager, traveler
99 Milagros Miracles, wonders
100 Aleida Noble, kind
101 Astrid Beautiful, loved
102 Kenya Animal horn
103 Marcela Warlike, male
104 Rosario Rosary
105 Emilia Rival

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular El Salvadorian girl names, we are left with a profound appreciation for the cultural richness and diversity of this Central American nation. These names, steeped in tradition and history, serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of Salvadorian heritage. Whether rooted in ancient customs or influenced by contemporary trends, each name carries with it a sense of identity and belonging for Salvadorian families. As these names continue to be cherished and passed down through generations, they remain an integral part of the fabric of Salvadorian culture, symbolizing pride, tradition, and a deep connection to the past.

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