100+ Most Popular Egyptian Names for Boys

Choosing a name for your child is a special decision that reflects cultural heritage and personal preference. Egyptian names, rich in history and significance, offer a unique blend of ancient and modern appeal. This guide explores the most popular Egyptian names for boys, providing inspiration and insight into their meanings and stories, to help you find the perfect name for your son.

100+ Most Popular Egyptian Names for Boys

No. Name Egyptian Equivalent Meaning
1 Ahmed أحمد Praiseworthy
2 Mohamed محمد Praiseworthy
3 Youssef يوسف God will increase
4 Mahmoud محمود Praiseworthy
5 Mostafa مصطفى The chosen one
6 Ibrahim إبراهيم Father of nations
7 Omar عمر Flourishing
8 Ali علي High, exalted
9 Amr عمرو Long-lived
10 Hassan حسن Handsome
11 Tarek طارق Morning star
12 Hossam حسام Sword
13 Kareem كريم Generous
14 Ayman أيمن Righteous
15 Islam إسلام Submission
16 Saeed سعيد Happy, fortunate
17 Ashraf أشرف Noble
18 Fady فادي Savior
19 Rami رامي Archer
20 Wael وائل Newborn
21 Sherif شريف Noble
22 Khaled خالد Eternal
23 Ehab إيهاب Gift
24 Nader نادر Rare
25 Samir سمير Entertaining companion
26 Ziad زياد Growth, abundance
27 Reda رضا Contentment
28 Hamdy حمدي Praiseworthy
29 Adel عادل Just
30 Galal جلال Majesty
31 Basel باسل Brave
32 Hatem حاتم Determined
33 Marwan مروان Old Arabic name
34 Anwar أنور Luminous
35 Essam عصام Guardian
36 Maged ماجد Glorious
37 Shady شادي Singer, cheerful
38 Ameen أمين Honest
39 Shereef شريف Noble
40 Farid فريد Unique
41 Lotfy لطفي Gentle, kind
42 Moataz معتز Glorious, respected
43 Nour نور Light
44 Mounir منير Shining, radiant
45 Abdelrahman عبد الرحمن Servant of the Most Merciful (Allah)
46 Abdallah عبد الله Servant of Allah
47 Saif سيف Sword
48 Yousef يوسف God will increase
49 Hesham هشام Generous
50 Zakaria زكريا Remembered by God
51 Samy سامي Elevated, exalted
52 Nasser ناصر Helper, supporter
53 Salah صلاح Righteousness
54 Osama أسامة Lion
55 Yassin ياسين Rich
56 Abdelaziz عبد العزيز Servant of the Mighty
57 Habib حبيب Beloved
58 Anas أنس Companion, friend
59 Fares فارس Knight
60 Sameh سامح Forgiving
61 Hani هاني Happy, delighted
62 Adham أدهم Dark-skinned
63 Rashad رشاد Righteous guide
64 Bassam بسام Smiling
65 Seif سيف Sword
66 Thabet ثابت Steadfast
67 Younes يونس Jonah
68 Lutfi لطفي Kind, gentle
69 Haitham هيثم Young hawk
70 Sayed سيد Master, leader
71 Saber صابر Patient, enduring
72 Ghassan غسان Youthful, handsome
73 Ilyas إلياس Elijah
74 Hamed حامد One who praises
75 Bassem باسم Smiling
76 Qais قيس Lover
77 Salem سالم Peaceful
78 Raafat رأفت Compassionate
79 Fathi فتحي Victorious
80 Alaa علاء Nobility
81 Rashed راشد Guided, rightly directed
82 Rabea ربيع Spring
83 Kamel كامل Perfect, complete
84 Lotfi لطفي Gentle, kind
85 Bilal بلال Moisture, water
86 Gharib غريب Stranger
87 Helmi حلمي Dreamy
88 Gamil جميل Handsome, beautiful
89 Abdelkader عبد القادر Servant of the Capable
90 Tamer تامر Prosperous
91 Riad رياض Gardens
92 Fadl فضل Excellence
93 Barakat بركات Blessings
94 Taymour تيمور Brave, bold
95 Azzam عزام Determined
96 Ashour عاشور Tenth, Islamic month
97 Hisham هشام Generous
98 Salaheddin صلاح الدين Righteousness of the Faith
99 Abdelmoneim عبد المنعم Servant of the Benevolent
100 Khairy خيري Charitable
101 Abdelhamid عبد الحميد Servant of the Praised One
102 Abdelkarim عبد الكريم Servant of the Generous One
103 Abdelhakim عبد الحكيم Servant of the Wise One
104 Zaki زكي Pure, chaste
105 Ragab رجب Revered, respected
106 Abdelwahab عبد الوهاب Servant of the Bestower
107 Ammar عمار Long-lived, builder
108 Gomaa جمعة Friday
109 Abdelmajeed عبد المجيد Servant of the Glorious
110 Abdelghani عبد الغني Servant of the Wealthy
111 Aref عارف Knowing, expert
112 Emad عماد Pillar, support
113 Emara عمارة Building
114 Ghareeb غريب Strange, foreign
115 Hussam حسام Sword
116 Ihab إيهاب Gift
117 Naeem نعيم Bliss, happiness
118 Rahim رحيم Merciful
119 Shukri شكري Thankful
120 Yahya يحيى John
121 Dakhil داخل Entrant, insider
122 Hareth حارث Farmer
123 Izz al-Din عز الدين Might of the Faith
124 Fahmi فهمي Understanding
125 Sharif شريف Noble
126 Sayf سيف Sword
127 Fakhr فخر Pride, honor
128 Farouk فاروق One who distinguishes between right and wrong
129 Hatim حاتم Generous
130 Hamza حمزة Lion
131 Hakeem حكيم Wise
132 Jibreel جبريل Archangel Gabriel
133 Kasim قاسم Divider
134 Kamal كمال Perfection
135 Laith ليث Lion
136 Murad مراد Desired
137 Munir منير Bright, shining
138 Nadim نديم Friend, companion
139 Raed رائد Leader, pioneer

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In conclusion,

Egyptian names for boys carry a profound heritage and timeless charm. Whether you are drawn to names steeped in ancient history or those with modern appeal, the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture provides a wealth of meaningful options. We hope this guide to the most popular Egyptian names for boys has inspired you and helped you discover a name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations. Selecting a name is a cherished milestone, and choosing one from the rich Egyptian tradition can add a layer of significance and connection to your child’s identity.

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