100+ Most Popular Ecuadorian Names for Girls

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Ecuadorian names for girls, where tradition intertwines with modernity, and each name carries a story of heritage and pride. From the majestic Andes to the lush Amazon rainforest, Ecuador’s vibrant landscapes find echoes in the names bestowed upon its daughters. Join us as we delve into the most beloved and cherished names that adorn the young girls of this diverse and culturally rich nation, celebrating the beauty and significance of Ecuadorian naming customs.

100+ Most Popular Ecuadorian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 María José Mary Joseph
2 Daniela God is my judge
3 Valentina Strong, healthy
4 Gabriela God is my strength
5 Andrea Brave, strong
6 Fernanda Adventurous, bold
7 Isabella God is my oath
8 Sofia Wisdom
9 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
10 Valeria Strong, healthy
11 Alejandra Defender of mankind
12 Natalia Birthday of the Lord
13 Paola Small
14 Karen Pure
15 Michelle Who is like God
16 Nicole Victory of the people
17 Carla Free man
18 Vanessa Butterfly
19 Pamela All sweetness
20 Ana María Grace, favor
21 Elizabeth God is my oath
22 Cristina Follower of Christ
23 Katherine Pure
24 Carolina Free man
25 Romina Roman
26 Estefanía Crowned in victory
27 Adriana Woman from Hadria
28 Evelyn Desired, wished for
29 Génesis Beginning
30 Diana Divine
31 Antonella Priceless
32 Jazmín Jasmine
33 Viviana Alive
34 Mariana Bitter or grace
35 Kiara Dark
36 Dayana Divine
37 Tatiana Fairy queen
38 Genesis Beginning
39 Lucía Light
40 Jimena Listening
41 Priscila Ancient
42 Katalina Pure
43 Naomi Pleasant
44 Ximena Listener
45 Samantha Listener
46 Marisol Sea and sun
47 Mía Mine
48 Alisson Son of the noble one
49 Emily Industrious
50 Aleida Noble, kind
51 Yessenia God will increase
52 Nayeli I love you
53 Milagros Miracles
54 Aracely Altar of the sky
55 Abigail Father’s joy
56 Stefania Crowned
57 Brisa Breeze
58 Lourdes City in France
59 Adrianna Dark
60 Silvana Woodland
61 Juliana Youthful
62 Amalia Hardworking
63 Yuridia Light
64 Anabella Graceful
65 Melania Black, dark
66 Estela Star
67 Violeta Violet
68 Mayra Bitter, sea of bitterness
69 Noelia Christmas
70 Sabrina From the boundary line
71 Belén Bethlehem
72 Verónica True image
73 Claudia Lame
74 Elisa God is my oath
75 Luz Light
76 Jazmine Jasmine
77 Esmeralda Emerald
78 Lía Weary, tired
79 Antonia Priceless
80 Cielo Sky, heaven
81 Salomé Peace
82 Thalía Blooming
83 Estrella Star
84 Malena Tower
85 Analía Gracious
86 Zulema Peace
87 Yara Water lady
88 Emilia Industrious
89 Ámbar Amber
90 Guadalupe Valley of the wolf
91 Luz María Light
92 Nayara I love you
93 Xiomara Ready for battle
94 Adrienne From Hadria
95 Marlene Bitter
96 Yanira He will teach
97 Catalina Pure
98 Aranza Eagle
99 Karina Pure
100 Yareli Water lady
101 Amaya Night rain
102 Anahi Beautiful
103 Clarissa Bright, clear
104 Azul Blue
105 Yuliana Youthful
106 Aitana Glory
107 Paulet Small
108 Oriana Dawn
109 Milena Gentle, gracious
110 Maite Beloved
111 Azucena Lily
112 Nayla I love you
113 Giselle Pledge
114 Rocio Dew
115 Yaretzi You will always be loved
116 Paloma Dove
117 Ivanna God is gracious
118 Marjorie Pearl
119 Gema Gemstone
120 Anya Grace

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In conclusion,

Our exploration of the most popular Ecuadorian names for girls unveils a tapestry of cultural richness and timeless elegance. From Sofia to Valentina, each name encapsulates the essence of Ecuador’s heritage, reflecting its diverse landscapes and profound traditions. As we celebrate these cherished names, we honor the resilience and beauty of Ecuadorian culture, passed down through generations with love and pride. May these names continue to inspire and empower the young girls who bear them, shaping their identities and futures with grace and strength.

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