100+ Most Popular Ecuadorian Names for Boys

As diverse as the rich tapestry of Ecuador’s landscape, its culture, and traditions, are the names bestowed upon its sons. From the bustling streets of Quito to the serene shores of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuadorian parents carefully select names for their newborn boys, each carrying its own significance and history. In this exploration of Ecuador’s naming customs, we delve into the most popular names that have stood the test of time, reflecting the country’s heritage, values, and aspirations. Join us on a journey through the vibrant mosaic of Ecuadorian nomenclature, where every name tells a story of identity, pride, and familial bonds.

100+ Most Popular Ecuadorian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Juan God is gracious
2 Diego Supplanter
3 Luis Famous warrior
4 Carlos Free man
5 Andrés Manly
6 José God will increase
7 Santiago Saint James
8 Antonio Worthy of praise
9 Manuel God is with us
10 Gabriel God is my strength
11 Javier Bright
12 Daniel God is my judge
13 Cristian Follower of Christ
14 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
15 Alejandro Defender of mankind
16 Miguel Who is like God
17 Rafael God has healed
18 Mateo Gift of God
19 David Beloved
20 Fernando Brave journey
21 Pablo Small
22 Esteban Crowned
23 Emilio Industrious
24 Iván God is gracious
25 Sebastián Revered
26 Nicolás Victory of the people
27 Marco Warlike
28 Xavier Bright
29 Roberto Bright fame
30 Omar Flourishing
31 Adrián Dark one
32 Lucas Bringer of light
33 Ángel Messenger
34 Franklin Free man
35 Raúl Wise wolf
36 Jorge Farmer
37 Kevin Handsome
38 Bryan Strong
39 Washington Settlement of the people
40 Edison Son of Edward
41 Alberto Noble and bright
42 Fabricio Craftsman
43 Henry Ruler of the household
44 Ronald Counselor
45 Jefferson Son of Jeffrey
46 Lenin From the name Vladimir Lenin
47 Efraín Fruitful
48 Oscar Spear of the gods
49 Adriano From the city of Hadria
50 Álvaro Guard of all
51 Armando Army man
52 Arturo Bear
53 Benjamín Son of the right hand
54 Braulio Shining
55 Camilo Attendant
56 César Head of hair
57 Claudio Lame
58 Darío Upholder of the good
59 Eloy Chosen one
60 Fabián Bean grower
61 Federico Peaceful ruler
62 Fermín Firm
63 Genaro Gentleman
64 Gilberto Bright pledge
65 Gonzalo Battle
66 Héctor Holding fast
67 Horacio Timekeeper
68 Ismael God will hear
69 Jerónimo Sacred name
70 Joel God is willing
71 Jonathan God has given
72 Leandro Lion man
73 Leonardo Brave lion
74 Lorenzo Laurel
75 Mauricio Dark-skinned
76 Maximiliano Greatest
77 Nelson Son of Neil
78 Orlando Famous land
79 Oswaldo God’s power
80 Pancho Free man
81 Renato Reborn
82 Ricardo Brave ruler
83 Rodrigo Famous ruler
84 Rubén Behold, a son
85 Salvador Savior
86 Simón God has heard
87 Teodoro God’s gift
88 Tomás Twin
89 Ulises Wrathful
90 Víctor Conqueror
91 Wilmer Resolute protection
92 Yeray He will rise
93 Zacarías God remembers
94 Abel Breath
95 Agustín Majestic
96 Alan Handsome
97 Aldo Old
98 Alonso Noble and ready
99 Amado Beloved
100 Aníbal Grace of Baal
101 Aquiles Lipless
102 Aurelio Golden
103 Baltazar Baal protect the king
104 Bautista Baptist
105 Belisario Warlike
106 Benicio Blessed one
107 Bernardo Brave as a bear
108 Bonifacio Doer of good
109 Bruno Brown
110 Carmelo Fruit garden
111 Casimiro Peaceful
112 Cecilio Blind
113 Celestino Heavenly
114 Clemente Mild, gentle
115 Conrado Bold, wise
116 Cornelio Horn
117 Damián To tame
118 Dario Upholder of the good
119 Demetrio Follower of Demeter
120 Efrén Fruitful
121 Eleuterio Free
122 Eliseo God is my salvation
123 Emiliano Rival
124 Eulogio Praise
125 Ezequiel God will strengthen
126 Fausto Lucky
127 Florencio Prosperous
128 Fulgencio Bright
129 Gaspar Treasurer
130 Gerardo Brave spear
131 González Son of Gonzalo
132 Gregorio Watchful
133 Heraclio Glory of Hera
134 Hermenegildo Protective armor
135 Herminio Messenger
136 Higinio From Hyginos
137 Honorio Honor
138 Humberto Bright support
139 Ignacio Fiery
140 Inocencio Innocent
141 Isaac He will laugh
142 Isidro Gifted with many ideas
143 Jacinto Hyacinth

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Ecuadorian names for boys, we find a beautiful reflection of Ecuador’s rich cultural heritage and diverse influences. These names not only carry the weight of tradition but also speak to the hopes and dreams of generations past and present. From timeless classics to modern innovations, each name holds a unique charm and significance, symbolizing the pride and identity of Ecuadorian families. As we celebrate the cultural tapestry woven into every syllable, let us cherish these names as a testament to the enduring spirit of Ecuador and the love shared within its communities.

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