100+ Most Popular Colombian Names for Girls

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Colombian names for girls, where tradition intertwines with modernity, and each name bears the essence of Colombia’s vibrant culture. In this exploration, we delve into over 100 of the most popular names, offering insights into their meanings, cultural significance, and historical roots. Join us as we celebrate the diversity and beauty of Colombian girl names, each one a testament to the country’s rich heritage and the enduring spirit of its people.

100+ Most Popular Colombian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 María Mary
2 Valentina Brave, strong
3 Isabella God is my oath
4 Sofia Wisdom
5 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
6 Daniela God is my judge
7 Laura Laurel
8 Gabriela God is my strength
9 Natalia Born on Christmas Day
10 Ana Grace
11 Andrea Manly
12 Sara Princess
13 Manuela God is with us
14 Carolina Free man
15 Paula Small
16 Juliana Youthful
17 Catalina Pure
18 Antonia Priceless
19 Jimena Listener
20 Alejandra Defender of mankind
21 Victoria Victory
22 Valeria To be strong
23 Isabel God is my oath
24 Clara Clear, bright
25 Lina Light
26 Mariana Belonging to the sea
27 Diana Divine
28 Vanessa Butterfly
29 Veronica True image
30 Emily Industrious
31 Adriana From Hadria
32 Patricia Noble
33 Fernanda Brave, adventurous
34 Elena Shining light
35 Estefania Crowned with laurels
36 Jessica Wealthy
37 Gabriella God is my strength
38 Angelica Angelic
39 Maria Jose Mary, God will add
40 Daniella God is my judge
41 Samantha Listener
42 Elizabeth God is my oath
43 Michelle Who is like God?
44 Genesis Origin, beginning
45 Aurora Dawn
46 Viviana Alive, lively
47 Stephanie Crowned
48 Catherine Pure
49 Salome Peace
50 Jazmin Jasmine
51 Aleja Defender
52 Adrianna Dark
53 Brenda Sword
54 Celeste Heavenly
55 Dayana Divine
56 Fabiana Bean grower
57 Giselle Pledge, hostage
58 Helena Light
59 Ingrid Beautiful
60 Karina Pure
61 Liliana Lily
62 Maribel Admirable
63 Noemi Pleasantness
64 Oriana Golden
65 Pamela Honeyed sweetness
66 Rebeca To tie, to bind
67 Sandra Defender of man
68 Tatiana Fairy queen
69 Ximena Hearkening
70 Yuliana Youthful
71 Zara Blooming flower
72 Abigail Father’s joy
73 Brigitte Strength
74 Danna God is my judge
75 Erika Eternal ruler
76 Fiorella Little flower
77 Gina Farmer
78 Ivonne Yew
79 Julissa Youthful
80 Kiara Dark haired
81 Leidy Noble
82 Milena Industrious
83 Nohemi Pleasantness
84 Orquidea Orchid
85 Pilar Pillar
86 Rosalba White rose
87 Silvia Forest
88 Tania Fairy queen
89 Valeria To be strong
90 Wendy Wanderer
91 Xiomara Ready for battle
92 Yara Water lady
93 Zuleyka Brilliant, bright
94 Alisson Son of the noble one
95 Brianna Strong, virtuous
96 Cindy Moon
97 Damaris Gentle calf
98 Estrella Star
99 Fernanda Brave journey
100 Graciela Grace
101 Adrienne From Hadria
102 Belinda Pretty, charming
103 Carmela Garden
104 Delia Born on the island
105 Esperanza Hope
106 Floriana Flower
107 Griselda Gray battle
108 Hermosa Beautiful
109 Irina Peace
110 Jocelyn Joyful
111 Karen Pure
112 Luciana Light
113 Marisol Sea and sun
114 Nidia Nest
115 Odelia Wealthy
116 Paloma Dove
117 Quetzal Precious feather
118 Rosalinda Pretty rose
119 Sonia Wisdom
120 Teresa Harvester

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Colombian names for girls, we are reminded of the rich tapestry of Colombian culture and the timeless beauty embodied in each name. From traditional choices rooted in indigenous heritage to modern appellations influenced by global trends, Colombian girl names reflect the country’s diverse history and the values cherished by its people. Whether honoring ancestors, celebrating nature, or embracing contemporary ideals, these names serve as a tribute to Colombia’s vibrant identity and the pride its people take in their cultural heritage. As we bid farewell to this journey, may the allure of Colombian girl names continue to inspire and resonate with all who appreciate the beauty of diversity.

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