90+ Most Popular Bulgarian Names for Boys

In Bulgaria, names carry deep cultural significance, often reflecting historical roots, familial traditions, or religious influences. From timeless classics to modern favorites, the names bestowed upon Bulgarian boys embody a rich tapestry of heritage and identity. In this article, we delve into the diverse and vibrant world of Bulgarian names, exploring the most beloved choices for boys that have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with parents across the country. Join us on a journey through the most popular Bulgarian names for boys, each with its own story to tell and its own unique charm to impart.

90+ Most Popular Bulgarian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Dimitar Devoted to Demeter
2 Nikolay Victory of the people
3 Georgi Farmer
4 Ivan God is gracious
5 Petar Stone
6 Hristo Follower of Christ
7 Stefan Crown
8 Aleksandar Defender of the people
9 Martin Warlike
10 Todor Gift of God
11 Vasil King
12 Angel Messenger of God
13 Kostadin Constant
14 Emil Industrious
15 Iliya The Lord is my God
16 Simeon Hearing, listening
17 Boris Battle, fighter
18 Kiril Lordly
19 Radoslav Happy glory
20 Vladislav Rule with glory
21 Plamen Flame
22 Hristian Follower of Christ
23 Tsvetan Flower
24 Asen Immortal
25 Boyan Warrior
26 Yordan Descend, flow down
27 Rosen Dew
28 Stanislav Glory of the land
29 Velizar Great ruler
30 Yavor Maple tree
31 Valentin Healthy, strong
32 Atanas Immortal
33 Lyubomir Lover of peace
34 Spas Salvation
35 Borislav Glorious battle
36 Dobromir Good peace
37 Dragomir Precious peace
38 Yulian Youthful
39 Zdravko Healthy
40 Bozhidar Gift of God
41 Desislav Long-lived glory
42 Dobrin Good
43 Evgeni Well-born
44 Filip Lover of horses
45 Galin Calm
46 Ivo Yew tree
47 Kaloyan Handsome
48 Milen Gracious
49 Nasko Born at night
50 Ognyan Fiery
51 Petya Rock
52 Radko Happy counsel
53 Spasimir Savior
54 Tihomir Peaceful
55 Valeri To be strong
56 Yanko God is gracious
57 Zheko Fierce
58 Zlatan Golden
59 Zoran Dawn
60 Zhivko Life
61 Asya Swift
62 Bilyana White
63 Daniela God is my judge
64 Elena Torch, bright light
65 Gergana Vigorous, active
66 Hristina Follower of Christ
67 Iskra Spark
68 Juliya Youthful
69 Kamelia Perfect
70 Liliya Lily
71 Magdalena Woman from Magdala (place)
72 Nadya Hope
73 Orlin Pine tree
74 Pavlina Small
75 Rositsa Dew
76 Simona To hear
77 Tanya Fairy queen
78 Valentina Strong, vigorous
79 Veselina Joyful
80 Pavel Small
81 Radomir Joyous peace
82 Sava Sabine
83 Uros Brave, fierce
84 Emilian Rival
85 Lyuben Beloved
86 Miroslav Peaceful glory
87 Nikola Victory of the people
88 Ognian Fiery
89 Rumen Reddish
90 Yanislav Fierce and glorious
91 Zlatomir Golden peace
92 Genadi Noble, generous
93 Hristofor Bearer of Christ
94 Iliyan Resurrection
95 Krasimir Glorious peace
96 Lachezar Full of glory
97 Marin Of the sea
98 Nedelcho Born on Sunday
99 Petko Rock

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Bulgarian names for boys, we are reminded of the enduring power of tradition, culture, and heritage in shaping the identities of individuals. From Dimitar to Ivan, Stefan to Georgi, each name carries with it a sense of pride and belonging, connecting generations past and present. Whether rooted in history, inspired by nature, or influenced by saints, these names serve as a testament to the rich tapestry of Bulgarian culture. As parents continue to bestow these names upon their sons, they not only honor the past but also pave the way for the future, ensuring that the legacy of Bulgarian identity lives on for generations to come.

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