100+ Most Popular Australian Names for Girls

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a joyful and meaningful task. In Australia, names for girls often reflect a beautiful blend of tradition, cultural diversity, and modern trends. Our list of the most popular Australian names for girls offers a variety of options, from timeless classics to contemporary favorites. Whether you’re looking for a name with deep cultural significance or one that feels fresh and unique, this collection is sure to inspire you. Join us as we explore the names that are cherished by families across Australia, capturing the essence of this vibrant nation.

100+ Most Popular Australian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Mia Mine or Bitterness
2 Isabella God is my oath
3 Charlotte Free woman
4 Olivia Olive tree
5 Ava Bird or Life
6 Amelia Work or Industrious
7 Grace Grace or God’s favor
8 Sophia Wisdom
9 Chloe Blooming or Fertility
10 Harper Harp player
11 Emily Industrious, hardworking
12 Ruby Red gemstone
13 Lily Lily flower
14 Zoe Life
15 Ella Light
16 Sienna Orange-red
17 Scarlett Red
18 Lucy Light
19 Madison Son of Matthew
20 Eva Life
21 Isla Island
22 Matilda Strength in battle
23 Hannah Grace
24 Emma Whole or Universal
25 Georgia Farmer
26 Abigail Father’s joy
27 Layla Night
28 Audrey Noble strength
29 Aria Air, melody
30 Sofia Wisdom
31 Jasmine Jasmine flower
32 Willow Willow tree
33 Alice Noble
34 Elizabeth God is my oath
35 Jessica Foresighted
36 Stella Star
37 Violet Violet flower
38 Eliza God is my oath
39 Maya Illusion
40 Sarah Princess
41 Piper Piper
42 Eleanor Bright, shining one
43 Annabelle Beautiful
44 Holly Holly tree
45 Lara Cheerful
46 Tahlia Morning dew
47 Evie Life
48 Penelope Weaver
49 Ivy Ivy plant
50 Adelaide Noble
51 Poppy Poppy flower
52 Maisie Pearl
53 Phoebe Bright, shining one
54 Elsie God is my oath
55 Harriet Ruler of the home
56 Rosie Rose flower
57 Freya Lady
58 Zara Princess
59 Florence Flourishing, prosperous
60 Clara Bright, clear
61 Emilia Rival
62 Aurora Dawn
63 Imogen Innocent
64 Molly Bitter
65 Indie Independent
66 Arabella Beautiful lion
67 Savannah Treeless plain
68 Bonnie Pretty
69 Heidi Noble one
70 Celeste Heavenly
71 Darcy Dark one
72 Jemima Dove
73 Olive Olive tree
74 Marlowe From the hill by the lake
75 Pippa Lover of horses
76 Tilly Mighty in battle
77 Delilah Delicate
78 Bronte Thunder
79 Clementine Merciful
80 Winter Winter season
81 Giselle Pledge
82 Eloise Healthy, wide
83 Thea Goddess
84 Sadie Princess
85 Niamh Brightness
86 Quinn Descendant of Conn
87 Seraphina Fiery, burning
88 Octavia Eighth
89 Scout To listen
90 Allegra Joyful, lively
91 Athena Goddess of wisdom
92 Summer Summer season
93 Hazel Hazel tree
94 Daisy Daisy flower
95 Madeleine Woman from Magdala
96 Indiana Land of the Indians
97 Cleo Glory
98 Eden Paradise
99 Isobel God is my oath
100 Jocelyn Joyous
101 Kaia Sea
102 Neve Snow
103 Ophelia Help
104 Posie Flower
105 Rhiannon Great queen
106 Saffron Saffron spice

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby girl is a cherished journey filled with excitement and love. The most popular Australian names for girls beautifully reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage and contemporary influences. Whether you prefer a name that honors tradition or one that embraces modern trends, this list offers a diverse array of inspiring options. We hope our collection has helped you find the perfect name that embodies the charm and spirit of Australia, making your little girl’s name truly special.

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